What is Fractional Ownership?

Flying commercially can be restrictive and expensive; however, owning an entire private plane can also be very expensive and time consuming. The PlaneSense® fractional ownership program gives you the freedoms that come with owning a private aircraft, without the inconveniences of scheduling, crewing, storing, or maintaining the aircraft. When compared to jet cards, jet membership programs, and charters, fractional aircraft ownership is becoming increasingly popular with both business and leisure travelers.

The model

In a fractional aircraft ownership model, a client (owner) purchases a share of a plane, as opposed to an entire plane. Owners then have guaranteed access to that plane, or a number of planes, for a certain predetermined set of hours agreed upon based on the size of the purchased share (1/16, 1/8, 3/16, etc.).

With some programs, owners can land on short, unpaved runways, or at major commercial hubs. This is the case with the PlaneSense® program, because of the versatile Pilatus PC-12, which can land at over 5,000 airports.

The benefits of owning a share or shares of a private aircraft include: